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Learning by travelling

Hi, and thanks for being here! If you’re looking for ideas for your next trip or holiday destination, I think I can help you out.

When I plan a trip, plan its itinerary and get the bike ready, I’ve got two goals in mind: the first is travelling by motorcycle and the second is learning through travel. If, like me, you’re an inquisitive type, it’ll simply be a pleasure to have you here.

When I’m on a bike I’m fine. I have nothing but positive feelings. Being in contact with

nature, its fragrances and colours, gives me so much joy. This pushes me to search for, and

discover, places steeped in recent or distant history, culture and tradition.

For me travelling’s not just about the beautiful landscape, or about driving along a great road, it’s

about personal enrichment.

My aim is to find it and share it with you…




The last leg

The San Gemolo’s Badia and Chapel in Ganna

Estimated reading time: 6' Beetwen Valganna and Valcuvia, near “Campo dei Fiori” Regional Park,...

Sergio Junior Franco November 6, 2020

Frera’s motorcycle museum

Estimated reading time: 5minutes The Frera’s motorcycle museum is a very particular site because...

Sergio Junior Franco June 26, 2020

Fisogni Museum of the petrol station

Estimated reading time: 4minutes Before speaking about the Museum, I can’t avoid to describe...

Sergio Junior Franco February 20, 2020

Velate Tower

Estimated reading time: 2minutes The Velate Tower was built in the 11th century as...

Sergio Junior Franco October 16, 2019


A New job, a new opportunity?

In January 2018 I lost my job after more than 20 years. My luck...

Sergio Junior Franco July 31, 2020

Introduction to the Frera Motorcycle museum

  I didn’t know there was this important piece of industrial and motorcycling history…

Sergio Junior Franco June 26, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic

I dedicate a page of my diary to this difficult historical moment. A virus...

Sergio Junior Franco March 19, 2020

Two Modern museums

My travel continues. Near the Cairate Monastery there is Tradate that is a green,...

Sergio Junior Franco December 2, 2019

Practical tips

How to choose the helmet part 3

This part is dedicated to the internal elements of the helmets; there are three…

Sergio Junior Franco March 12, 2020


Helmets are produced with different materials. All helmet shells are protective and durable, but…

Sergio Junior Franco March 2, 2020

How to choose the helmet - part 1

The biker’s equipment consists of many accessories; we begin to understand how to choose…

Sergio Junior Franco February 26, 2020

How to protect your motorbike in winter

I’m riding my motorbike during the all year, so I think how to protect…

Sergio Junior Franco December 28, 2019

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