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A New job, a new opportunity?

Sergio Junior Franco - July 31, 2020 - 0 comments

In January 2018 I lost my job after more than 20 years.

My luck ran out for over two years: after the work, I lost also my health.

In such circumstances, I couldn’t look for a new job for a long time due to my state of health.

During the last two years I tried also to start my own business, but it didn’t work.

At last, my misfortune finished, because I found a job

My real job in the last 25 years was to be a truck driver and now, after many months, I started driving again.

I write this because I’m sure that my blog will suffer.

My blog isn’t a real job, but it is my real passion and this post confirms it.

I love my blog, my passion, but without a work I can’t continue my travels.

I’ll have little time in the next future, but I think it could be a new beginning for my project.

I don’t know if this situation will be a new opportunity, for now this job is an instrument to live and pay the bills.

I hope you’ll support me and you’ll continue to follow me, thank you.


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