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How to choose the helmet part 3

This part is dedicated to the internal elements of the helmets; there are three…

Sergio Junior Franco March 12, 2020


Helmets are produced with different materials. All helmet shells are protective and durable, but…

Sergio Junior Franco March 2, 2020

How to choose the helmet - part 1

The biker’s equipment consists of many accessories; we begin to understand how to choose…

Sergio Junior Franco February 26, 2020

First steps

Now you’ve chosen the motorbike and the equipment it’s time to ride, but before…

Sergio Junior Franco November 20, 2019

Biker's equipment

Anyone riding a bike, or something similar, feels a sense of freedom. They feel…

Sergio Junior Franco September 18, 2019

The choice of bike

I have to admit that this article created a lot of difficulties for me...

Sergio Junior Franco August 18, 2019