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Coronavirus pandemic

Sergio Junior Franco - March 19, 2020 - 0 comments

I dedicate a page of my diary to this difficult historical moment.

A virus is blocking many activities all around the world, it departed from a Chinese city, and it’s expanding in Europe and worldwide.

Its name is “Coronavirus” because of its particular shape, like a “crown”.

This virus is very aggressive and you can mistake it for a normal influence but it’s not.

This virus is dangerous because a vaccine doesn’t exist. In Italy authorities have decided for severe containment measures to block the expansion of the infection.

You can’t go out; you can leave your home only to go to work, to the chemist’s or for family’s needs.

We lost the freedom to move after more than three generations.

It’s not easy but it isn’t impossible, we must adapt at this situation to stop the pandemic soon.

We must think about people who’s in a worse situation: we can make a sacrifice, we must do it for them.

For me it’s difficult not to be able to visit other places, to speak with chiefs and to get information for my site.

It will be a forced break but I won’t stop; I’m lucky because there are books and technology, so I can work about the itineraries that I’ll visit at the end of this emergency.

Please, follow me, together we will breathe new life to the tourism for the benefit of all. An embrace, thanks.


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