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How to protect your motorbike in winter

Sergio Junior Franco - December 28, 2019 - 0 comments

I’m riding my motorbike during the all year, so I think how to protect my bike in Winter.

Cold conditions and the “salt” to de-icing the roads are elements that could damage some elements of our motorbike.

In the last years the chemical research helps us with new products can protect all vehicle from cold, ice and materials corrosion.

These are products that I use to protect my motorbike in Winter:


These are lubricants and unblocking that against the mechanical wear.

Excellent products in all weather conditions, they don’t ice and evaporating.

These industries make different type of products with specific use, for example a special lubricant for the chain transmission.

You can use them where there is a mechanical joint to be lubricated, like hubs, levers, locks and other elements.

They can protect also, all exposed elements of your bike like: rims, forks, pivots of kickstands, chassis and the suitcases support.

I use them like this: after a deep clean I spray all surfaces normal hit by water during the run.

Then, I take a wet rag with the same product and I pull it the all surface.

So, I redistribute the product to protect all surfaces of my bike.

This thin layer catches the dust and increases the protection level against the corrosive agents.

When the beautiful season comes you can clean motorbike using the same rag to remove the dust with the lubricant.

Then, you can wash it with mild soap and water without worries.

Attention: some products must not be used on plastic or rubbery surfaces, hot engine elements and on the exhaust system.

I suggest to read the instructions carefully.





It’s a specific product for electric elements.

It protects all electric components from oxidation and a regular use preserve the electric system.


Very well product to shine all plastic surface, when used it after a carefully washing its film is very strong and has a long durability.


You can use it also on metal surfaces.

Read carefully the instructions to have a wonderful solution.



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