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Introduction to the Frera Motorcycle museum

Sergio Junior Franco - June 26, 2020 - 0 comments


I didn’t know there was this important piece of industrial and motorcycling history near my house.

When I was a boy, I knew only big constructor of motorbikes, for example Aprilia, Cagiva, Moto Guzzi and few others.

I met by chance this museum during my motor touring!

I decided to discover more about Frera, so I visited the museum and I spoke with its president.

It was a pleasant discovery, and here I could breath the great passion of Frera’s founder: Corrado Frera.

He was born in the Rhenish Prussia (today in Germany) in1859.

In 1885 he moved in Milan with his family, and soon after he opened a toy shop.

His activity, however, soon became a bicycle import company.

Corrado knew Tradate thanks to his parents, who spent here their weekends and holidays.

He wanted to open his industrial activity in this rural territory, but he met many problems.

At that time, in fact, the landlord mentality was very diffused, but after many difficulties he was able to buy his land.

In a short time, he built his factory and the house where he lived with his family.

Corrado Frera had a strong personality, and he managed to hire capable technicians and engineers, who previously worked for FIAT.

In1905 a real industrial revolution took place in the town: the population rose from about 2000 to 5000, and Tradate became a modern city.

Corrado was also a philanthropist, and he built social housing for his workers.

This wonderful story lasts about 35 years, when Corrado Frera leaved the factory, his creature, in1929.

He retired and died on the 20th March 1941, in a Milan hospice.

The museum was opened in 2005, for the centenary of Frera factory.

There is also a little red wire that links Frera museum and Fisogni museum; to discover it, you must visit them!



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