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Practical tips for the motorcycle

As a long-time biker I’ve had some pleasant, and also some less pleasant, experiences with my bikes. I’ve had to deal with some difficulties. I’ve therefore decided to write a series of practical tips for the motorcycle.

The secret of a good trip is to have your bike in order. I’m going to explain the basics here, from simple maintenance to everything that might help you avoid big travel problems. I’ve a knack for mechanics, so I can give some general advice.

How to equip your bike, load it, take advantage of its features and more besides; there’s a lot to know and I hope to be of help.

Travelling throughout the year in various weather conditions, I’ve learned that a motorcycle sometimes need more care and attention than the person driving it.

All bikes are different, but they all give you a thrill when you ride them. If we respect them, they’ll give us nothing but satisfaction.

Hope you enjoy reading the tips!


Sergio Junior Franco December 28, 2019
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