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Velate Tower

Sergio Junior Franco - October 16, 2019 - 0 comments

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The Velate Tower was built in the 11th century as a military garrison.

It was one of the many defensive structures located along the ways which connected Po Valley and Switzerland, Varese and Lake Maggiore.

It was a part of “Limes Prealpino”, a system of fortified and visible connected areas, conceived to control the whole region and the communication ways.

The tower

Still today, the ruins of the tower occur majestic and massive; the ancient structure is high over 33mt. on five floors.

Its layout was originally quadrangular, but only two sides still survive: a large part of the North side and almost complete East side, more resistant thanks to the staircase, which was integrated in the tower.

Brief history

During the political and social instability which characterized Italy in the 10th and 11th Century, many fortifications were built by abbots, bishops and wealthy families in order to protect the local population.

The tower did not last long: it was attached and partially destroyed in 12th  Century during the battles between Milanese militias and emperor Barbarossa’s troops, allied with the nobles of Velate.

You can visit the tower by appointment calling:

FAI (+39 02 467615325) or Varese (+ 39 0332 820131).

How to get to Velate Tower

From center of Varese:

To go to the stadium, At the Roundabout take the via Giovanni Borghi and go to the up the hill and go to the Velate Cemetery, in via alla torre.

G.P.S.:45°50’25.05”N / 8°47’33.30E / elev 472m.



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